Next 500 and 500 N


POSEIDON NEXT Saltwater Hi Speed Jigging Reel 500
Poseidon widebody and narrow body jigging reels are made of machined and anodised aluminium alloy.
These reels offer features & performance of reels costing much more. Extended stylish power handle with EVA New design knob will give you better leverage and extra power during fighting with fish. Next reels are the right tool for the job. Perfect for heavy-duty slow pitch jigging, vertical speed jigging or any boat fishing techniques.
Ball bearing : 9+2
Gear ratio : 6.3:1
Line capacity (lb/y) : 65-500
Reel weight: 490g
Extreme lightweight design
Max drag : 30 kg. / 66 lb.
New design EVA knob
Machined cut handle & knob
One Piece aluminum frame bod
Extreme one-way (EXO system)
Lightweight machined cut gear (LMG)
Wide body
Neoprene reel bag
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Available in Wide and Narrow Spool

Suitable for Livebaiting or jigging deep water for big fish

9+2 ball bearing
Gear ratio 6.0:1

Next 500:
Line capacity PE 65-500m
Reel weight 480g
Next 500N:
Line capacity PE 65-600m
Reel weight 490g

Extreme light weight design
Max drag 30kg/66lb
Aluminum knob
Machined cut handle & knob
Aluminum frame body
Extreme one-way (EXO system)
Light weight machine cut gear (LMG)
Wide body


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