Next 300 Overhead Lever Drag Jigging Reel


Lightweight, jig all day without getting tired, a massive 25 kilos of drag, silky smooth dual drag, (this innovative design has two carbon drags that sit on both sides of the reel which is why drag rating is high and people comment how silky smooth the drags are.)

Easily serviced and a full range of well-priced parts stocked in New Zealand.

Free service for the first year if purchased through Peeex Fishing.

Ideal for bottom fishing in deep water or jigging for big Kingfish. A very versatile reel with the dual carbon drag that will stop big kingfish and handle big snapper in the deep water.

The cast control can be immobilised (mine is) so ask upon ordering if you would like this to happen.

Lightweight but built like a brick #@^& house these reels are dependable, reliable and all parts held in New Zealand in the unlikely event something fails.

Free service * for all reels purchased through Peeex Fishing within the first 12 months.

12-month return to base warranty.


Where else can you get 25 kilos of drag with such a light, well-constructed reel? Lighter reels are easier to jig with, which means you can jig all day happily and when you do hook up on that large Kingfish you can get it away from the bronzies (bronze whaler sharks) with the powerful dual drag. Perfect!

9+2 ball bearing
Gear ratio 6.3:1
Line capacity Braid 50lb line 300 metres
PE-m 2-390/3-340/4-280
Reel weight 365g
Extreme lightweight design
Max drag 25kg/55lb
Machined cut handle & knob
One Piece aluminium frame body
Extreme one-way (EXO system)
Lightweight machine cut gear (LMG)

FREE SERVICING FIRST YEAR *must be within 12 months of purchase through Peeex Fishing.

Additional information

Weight 365 kg


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