Poseidon 50SL Slow Pitch Jigging Reel


This reel is light, has a 7.1-1 fast retrieve and plenty of drag which is why for the last 7 years it has proven one of the most popular reels for charter operators.

Full range of parts stocked in New Zealand and this reel is robust and easy to service.

Combine that with dual carbon drags and a silky smooth feel when playing a fish, this reel is a no brainer for the discerning slow jigging enthusiastic.

Tested in some of the world’s most demanding places the Poseidon reels pack a punch when it comes to big fish and modern jigging and boat fishing tactics.

Perfect for Slow Jigging
One-piece anodized aluminium frame
Break HT100 Carbon Drag
Aluminium frame body
Exclusive light weight spool
The Poseidon 50SL is primarily designed for use with modern slow jigging techniques, Poseidon reels lend themselves to all manner of boat fishing situations either at home or abroad. Built using ultra tough materials and components the Poseidon reels offer strength, performance and looks in equal measure.

The 50SL model boasts a fast retrieve with a ratio of 7:1.1.


Proven in the NZ fishing charter industry
Available In Black
9+2 ball bearing
Gear ratio 7.1:1
Line capacity PE-m 2-390/3-340/4-280
Reel weight 335g.
Extreme light weight and durable design
Max drag 25kg./55lb.
Adjustable handle  (Fast mode or More power mode)
One Piece aluminium frame body in Black
Extreme one-way (EXO system)
Lightweight machine cut gear (LMG)
Available Left and Right handed


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