Next 200 Jigging Reel. Powerful and light


I love this little reel. It fits in your hand comfortably and the handle is a pleasure to use. The drag system is silky smooth, and incredibly powerful which is unbelievable for such a small reel plus you can fit a lot of braid on this little street brawler.

I have this reel with a Poseidon Mythic Legend slow pitch and it’s a marriage made in heaven for slow pitch jigging.

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9+2 ball bearing
Gear ratio 6.3:1
Dual Carbon Drag
All stainless parts inside
Line capacity PE-2-390 metres PE3-340/metres, PE 4-280 metres
Reel weight 355g
Extreme light weight design
Max drag 25kg/55lb
Machined cut handle & knob
One Piece aluminum frame body
Extreme one-way (EXO system)
Light weight machine cut gear (LMG)


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