Weighted Weedless Hooks 5 gram


The biggest thrill in fishing for this is angler is hook a nice sized snapper in 300 mm of water using weedless hooks.
You only need two sizes in your kit.
5 gram for no wind and 9 gram for when the breeze is up.

These do not damage the softbait as they screw in easily and can be removed just the same.

The weedless hook will not get snagged on rocks, kelp and other obstacles when rigged correctly and can take a tough bite from a decent sized snapper.

The other benefit of weedless hook fishing in the shallows apart from the thrill of a screaming reel is the fish can be easily released without damage.

55mm x 22mm in size and weighted with 5 grams of leads make these an awesome accompaniment to your tackle box.


Weighted Weedless Hooks
5 grams
55mm x 22mm
Quality steel and built tough


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