Peeex Kingfish Jig Rod Protector Wrap


See a video demo below.
No one likes jigs or hooks flailing around on your jetski or boat. Loose jigs and hooks cause damage to gear and if you value your rods you should protect them with one of our made in New Zealand Kingfish Jig Rod Protector. Our unique design means it’s impossible to damage your gear and you won’t be impeded trying to remove it when you get to the spot. Fast, accurate, and built to last right here in GodZone.

Made with UV resistant, extra strong thread combined with quality neoprene, this Kingi Jig rod protector will protect your gear for many years.

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How to use the Peeex Kingfish Jig Rod protector and rod protector.

Step One. Slide the jig into the pocket on your Kingfish jig rod protector.

Step Two. Lay the hooks against the neoprene and make a half warp

Step Three. Continue the wrap around your Kingfish jigging rod and make sure it is tight before sealing with the special fastening hook tape.


That is it. Nice and simple and designed to protect your beautiful rods.





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